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  • Feathers Wedding Seating Chart
    Boho Feathers Wedding Seating Chart

    Feathers Wedding Seating Chart

    Our Feathers Wedding Seating Chart is perfect for a boho themed reception or celebration. The design features each table being represented by a feather. If you have more tables, each feather will be smaller. Works best if your guest names are arranged by table number or table name. [full title="Feathers Wedding Seating Chart"]
  • Garden Wedding Seating Chart
    Alfresco Garden Seating Chart

    Garden Wedding Seating Chart

    This printable table plan is a wonderful addition to a garden wedding with outdoor alfresco seating. The background can be white, watercolor (shown as Variation A), or any flat color that matches your theme. Text color can also be customized. [full title="Garden Wedding Seating Chart"]
  • Botanical Leaves Wedding Seating Chart
    Botanical Leaves Seating Plan

    Botanical Leaves Wedding Seating Chart

    A printable seating chart with watercolor leaves surrounding the table assignment plan. Can be arranged by table numbers as shown, or by table names, or alphabetically. Variation A shows the same design, but with a deep green background behind the leaves. No custom colors available for this design - choose the original or Variation A. [full title="Botanical Leaves Wedding Seating Chart"]
  • Pink Rose Floral Wedding Seating Chart
    Pink Rose Floral Seating Chart

    Pink Rose Floral Wedding Seating Chart

    A printable seating chart featuring florals at the top along with "Welcome" and the names of the couple in a beautiful flourish script. Variation A shows the design with white text on a dark green background. Decide on your own colors if you need to match your wedding theme. Colors of the flowers are fixed. [full title="Pink Rose Floral Wedding Seating Chart"]
  • Floral Wedding Seating Chart
    Floral Theme Seating Chart

    Floral Wedding Seating Chart

    Welcome your guests with this floral table plan. Colors and style of the flowers are fixed, but the font and background colors can be personalized. Remember to provide the names of the couple when placing your order. And a date too, but that's optional. [full title="Floral Wedding Seating Chart"]